I can’t believe how beautiful supplemental hair can be! I’ve seen a lot of your pictures on here, you all are so beautiful,and your hair is to die for! I have been thinning on top for years, have had success on Viviscal before, but had to take some time off Viviscal to have my 3 […]

Seeing your own hair falling out over time is never a great confidence booster. However often there is a way back to a full head of hair as some of our staff discovered William Moss The problem with encroaching baldness is the fact that, like additional inches around the waistline, bags under the eyes or […]

A woman can often be quite sensitive about their hair. With a lot of our personality wrapped up within our hair, we will spend a lot of time getting the shiniest and healthier hair even when it means allowing a hairdresser do anything he/she desires. However it appears like everyone has something to say about […]

Viviscal, the planet’s top make of nutritional hair supplementation is happy to introduce their very first nationwide direct response TV Commercial. Their Hair Regrowth Plan is scientifically put together aided by the unique marine complex AminoMar clinically proven to aid hair thinning as well as boost established hair growth from the inside. Viviscal is going […]

Most men and some women are constantly waging a war on ageing hair as they get older, whether it is thinning hair, grey hair or hair which wont stop falling out. Figures indicate that most men by the age of 55 will have suffered from hair loss and 25% of women suffer from it as […]

Viviscal was proud to recently be highlighted in a section on Channel 2 KPRC, Houston’s number one tv station. KPRC reporter Lauren Freeman interviewed both hair stylists and physicians to learn more about the advantages of Viviscal and also to learn if this amazing product actually lives up to the hype. “Anything for hair loss […]

It’s the group of strands clinging to your own pillow, or the mass swirling down the drain during a shower : It is called telogen effluvium, and it’s also the second-most frequent type of baldness. Following a major mental or physical upset, heightened anxiety levels can activate up to 60 percent of the hair to […]

I have been natural since July 2007 by way of doing the BC. My hair has been growing wonderfully thick and I can’t keep my hands out of it . Over the past month I have noticed that I’m shedding more hair and I even have a rather large bald spot. My daily regime was […]

I was wondering what products do you all use for your hair. I feel like my permed hair products will not be so good for my hair since it is natural what products do you recommend for shampooing, conditioning, and moisturizing.

Okay I have decided to go natual on hair products! I want to do the big chop but I don’t have new growth on the sides of my head, only on the top. My question is, does this mean that my hair isn’t growing on the sides? And will I just have to go “almost […]