By the time most of us achieve our 40’s we need to begin looking for a solution to stop hair thinning. Despite the fact it seems is a natural result of simply getting older, medical analysis shows that there are in fact fundamental factors other than your age creating the issue. For those who are […]

For many it can be a terrible thing to suddenly discover handfulls of shedded hair when taking a shower. Our head of hair has been our crowning glory so the last thing you want is to discover that you are losing it. There are so many factors that lead to thinning hair inside us, similarly […]

My hair is slowly but surely growing after using Viviscal for 8 month but I don’t want to continue buying it – it is quite expensive – even online. What can I should I do next next to help it out?

Common causes and how to avoid hair loss. Processed Foods There are bad habits that contribute to hair loss.  One is mass consumption of processed foods.  Processed foods often lack the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy hair. The best way to get some of those lost nutrients is by eating some uncooked […]

This short article will offer guidance on the best way to reduce thinning hair and even restore it. There are numerous variables that contribute to hair thinning inside us, every bit as a wide range of external issues can also cause hair loss. Natural Treatments Vitamin E is one example of how you can take […]

Since everyone in here has natural hair what type of hair products do you use that are natural?

Hi. I am 25 years old and I am losing my hair day by day. Now hairs in my forehead are becoming less. I am still not bald. I want to keep my hair. (not want growing instead of lost one). What can you advice for me to keep my hair? Kind regards.

In reality, if you need to minimize hair loss now you’re without-doubt in no way the only one. Our thick hair head of hair has been our crowning glory and the last thing you want is to discover that you are losing it. There are numerous factors which contribute to hair thinning internally, similarly as […]

I hope to get some advice how to treat my facial alopecia. Well, I know that there is no “cure” or definitive treatment. But still hope to hear from people with similar condition. About 8 months ago I found a hairless spot close to my mouth, then with time similar spots on my neck and […]

I was wondering what does everyone use on their hair. All natural type products or just products that help your style. As well as Viviscal supplements I use pink lotion and/or pantene relaxed or natural moisturizer and suave conditioners. and it works for my hair but I’ve seen so many other products. I don’t know, […]