Doctors advise on how to keep if your hair strong and healthy

Most men and some women are constantly waging a war on ageing hair as they get older, whether it is thinning hair, grey hair or hair which wont stop falling out. Figures indicate that most men by the age of 55 will have suffered from hair loss and 25% of women suffer from it as well at some point in their lives.

Use the right hair loss product however and hair loss worries can be a thing of the past for nearly all women and most men. Strong healthy hair is a dream for every woman by achieving it is easier said than done.

Ageing Hair

You hair can start to age from your early teens onwards, however most only notice that they have a problem in their twenties unless they hair loss is very rapid. Fast forward to your forties and thinning hair can be very noticeable.

As we age our hair strands become thinner, hair colour fades, the strands break more easily and some follicles stop producing hair altogether. Making you hair look good in the morning slowly becomes a much harder process.

With such a lot of people suffering with thinning hair it is not surprising that the cosmetic and medical industries are all fighting to sell them their solution to their problems. Whether they are creams, transplants, pills, or shampoos.

Viviscal Hair Supplements

One product which has become very popular is Viviscal. A natural supplement which is full of vitamins and minerals plus a marine extract which has a very positive effect on you dormant hair follicles. What make Viviscal different is that it is back with considerable amount of scientific evidence to show that it can stop hair loss and boost hair growth.

Doctors warn that not all people who use Viviscal will see results however. If you hair loss is hereditary Viviscal will have little or no effect. You would be better off using other proven products like Regaine or Propecia. Regaine is available over the counter where as Propecia is prescription only.

There are others who should avoid Viviscal also: Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those who have an allergy or intolerance to fish.

But for anyone who is experiencing hair loss and suspect that it is not genetic, Viviscal promises to boost you hair growth within 4 months.

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