Does Viviscal Really Work? Asks US TV Show

Viviscal was proud to recently be highlighted in a section on Channel 2 KPRC, Houston’s number one tv station. KPRC reporter Lauren Freeman interviewed both hair stylists and physicians to learn more about the advantages of Viviscal and also to learn if this amazing product actually lives up to the hype.

“Anything for hair loss is on back order,” said Lindsey Kern, a Houston region hair stylist who Freeman interviewed. Kern consequently wasn’t surprised to see Viviscal skyrocketing in popularity. Still, Freeman delved deeper to determine if Viviscal actually does what it claims it will. “This stuff is like crack for your hair!” beamed a happy client in a YouTube video review.

“A large amount of patients and product users tout great results from it,” said Dr. Daniel McGrath, a Houston region physician and hair loss specialist who spoke with Freeman.

He further talked about the safe and all natural drug free ingredients contained in Viviscal and explained that Viviscal “functions by retaining the hair in the developing period more.”

“Because I am dealing with hair loss, I would attempt anything,” said Grayson Jacobs, a professional Houston hair stylist. He was excited, when asked if he would try Viviscal. “I would certainly try some,” Jacobs said.

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