Fifty Things You Must Never Say About A Woman’s Hair

A woman can often be quite sensitive about their hair. With a lot of our personality wrapped up within our hair, we will spend a lot of time getting the shiniest and healthier hair even when it means allowing a hairdresser do anything he/she desires. However it appears like everyone has something to say about the hairs that grow from our scalps.

We put a callout to out FB, Twitter and Instagram followers seeking the things that you ought to not ever say to a female about her hair. Men (and women) learn this list for your own health and safety:

  1. Did you get that cut/colour/design/perm since you are experiencing a catastrophe?
  2. Honey, that hair seems like a chicken fight gone bad that got stomped on, chewed by a famished dog, then pooped out, worms and all. Get that shit done.
  3. Your hair appears thin!
  4. How is the wig?
  5. I can provide you with the name of a great hairdresser.
  6. It is only different, that is all.
  7. Your roots are showing.
  8. Is that human hair?
  9. What did you do to your own hair?
  10. Wow! You got big hair!
  11. Is it supposed to look that way?
  12. I enjoy your hair better this way.
  13. It is oily.
  14. Are you having your hair done?
  15. Love your weave.
  16. Why dear, you are bald.
  17. OMG. Who did your hair?
  18. It makes you seem old.
  19. That is an appealing hairdo.
  20. Who did that perm? I can completely repair that ya know.
  21. Is it real?
  22. Oh, it is shorter than common. Well, it’ll grow outside.
  23. It’ll grow outside.
  24. Do you color it-yourself?
  25. She should use Minoxidil.
  26. It is fugly.
  27. Is that how you are gonna wear your hair out?
  28. What made you get it that way?
  29. What hair style (appearance) were you attempting to choose?
  30. I enjoyed your hair another colour.
  31. She should get her money-back.
  32. Wow, your hair looks so huge!
  33. Anything negative whatsoever. We all have mirrors. We already understand.
  34. Are you wearing a wig?
  35. Why do not you do your hair-like hers?
  36. Who’s hair is the fact that, and why are you wearing it?
  37. Wow. It is so soft. It appears coarser.
  38. Is that yours?
  39. How long did it take to really get your hair done?
  40. You look like Nicki Minaj.
  41. Really don’t enjoy your hairdo!
  42. Bedhead, huh?
  43. Your hair made you!
  44. Is that paint in your own hair? (Referring to a grey stripe.)
  45. Is that the weave?
  46. It makes your-face look fat.
  47. I believe you must color your own hair.
  48. You look like Miley Cyrus.
  49. When are you really going to have your hair done, child?
  50. You used to have such great hair once. What happened?

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