Hair Loss Problems And Solutions

Seeing your own hair falling out over time is never a great confidence booster. However often there is a way back to a full head of hair as some of our staff discovered

William Moss

The problem with encroaching baldness is the fact that, like additional inches around the waistline, bags under the eyes or an appreciation of Michael Bolton, it may creep on a guy without them knowing about it. Fortunately, like the majority of guys, my hair had not fallen out immediately, but I had slowly seen that my crown had began to burn at the first sight of sunlight and my hair-line was inching away from my eyebrows. Not ready to stand back and watch this slow decline, I sought actions.

A consultation with: John White, a trichologist

I looked to a Trichology Clinic in London for an appointment with John White. Following a pleasant chat – “When did you first detect thinning? What is your dad’s hair-like?” etc – and an investigation of my own scalp, White could discuss completely my hair problems, clarify them in layman’s terms and, crucially, provide options.

His advice: “Men that have obvious hair loss will significantly reap the benefits of a class of treatments, including highfrequency digital scalp stimulation,” says White. “Mark introduced himself with good, ehalthy hair, with thinner areas in the crown and hairline. He’s well physically and his hair-loss is hereditary. Mark will be ideal to using a recommended daily stimulant to minimise further decline.”

Result: Reassured that my hair loss wasn’t as great as I feared, I had been proposed two treatment alternatives by White: the topical solution Regaine used directly to the entire scalp to stimulate blood circulation to the follicles, assisting regrowth, and Viviscal supplements that work by allowing more blood to reach the follicles. The catch? Don’t anticipate results overnight; each treatment could take a minimum of two to three months to begin having an impact. Re-growth is all about slow, steady gains – which seems infinitely better-than slow, steady decrease.

Scott Cartwright

I haven’t ever had a real guy’s haircut. As a teen I had a skinhead at college and had floppy hair with the undercut. For my life since then, a grade two in the sides with a top has sufficed. I’ve just turned 32: it really is time to dump the hair – eternally.

A consultation with: Jade Douglas, a session stylist.

Jade Douglas has 15 years experience as a a session stylist. She produces the appearance at catwalk shows and his work frequently appears in shoots in the national press.

Her advice: “A great deal of barbers use clippers on everybody, regardless of their form,” says Douglas. “My strategy builds up the fashion to complement a customer’s bone structure. Scott has really straight hair that grows outwards, however he needed a finish. I cut using scissors to guarantee a softer outcome, slicing throughout the center of Scotts’ hair to reach a square, shapely look. I utilized Sassoon Professional Feel Refine to finish a polished, gentlemanly fashion.”

Result: I needed to grow my hair out before having the cut, therefore endured many weeks with an awful mop. It was worth it as well as the end result is really a distinct, low-care design that truly suits me.

Don L. Stagg

Whatever they tell you, there are silver foxes and there are silver foxes. And for each Roger Sterling, there is a huge bouffant of frosted follicles that really does not so much cry “Richard Gere” as shout “John Bercow!”

A consultation with: Donald Washington

“A GP does not spend just one day examining hair,” declares Donald Washington once we meet in his Liverpool office. No matter: he’s involved himself with nothing else. Since qualifying in ’74, he is worked to increase the profile of trichology (the science of the structure, function and disorders of the hair).

His advice: Even though nearly all of his own customers present with hair fall, luckily, a general “lightening of the strain” around my temples does not issue Washington. Nevertheless, its entire look does. Its “stiffness”, he informs me, “is because each shaft of hair includes a filament called the ‘medulla’ which is thicker in gray hair.” The rest, is down to health, reduce and hydration. “Rubbing hair dry produces heat which causes the follicles to get rid of moisture,” he warns, before handing me around to Jenny for a complete scalp massage, shampoo and state. I depart with Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner, an antidandruff shampoo, Pure Silver Conditioner plus a finishing “glosser” called Preen Lotion.

Result: My hair felt considerably more manageable than before. Much more gratifyingly, after three months of utilizing the hair tonic and glosser, it is not only me who has discovered the advancement…

Darren Gonzalez

My issue is a straightforward one: I don’t have any hair. At 22, I started experiencing male pattern baldness or, more technically, “androgenic alopecia”. Whichever, the consequence may be identical – and regularly handled clippers set at grade one.

A consultation with: Dr Cheryl Chatman, consultant surgeon

Her advice: Dr Chatman could perform two processes, each having a strip of skin in the rear part of my own head that’s then stitched back together. Each yields up-to 4,000 hairs – “and then we’d plant the harvested hairs outrageous”. Protection versus density is the crucial trade-off here – Gonzalez had four procedures, producing 10,000 hairs altogether – therefore there is little thinning where hair is obtained from. However the effect is permanent, and also the head appears full of hair.

The result: Not being on Premier League footballer wages – with the 6,000 implants I want costing EUR10 each – at EUR60,000 (£50,000) it is out-of my own reach. Although intrigued in the headlines you can pick body hairs for your head – “they develop to double the span, but we do not understand why” says Dr Chatman – I will leave my follicles to sprout where they please.

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