Hair problems and seeking advice

I have been natural since July 2007 by way of doing the BC. My hair has been growing wonderfully thick and I can’t keep my hands out of it . Over the past month I have noticed that I’m shedding more hair and I even have a rather large bald spot. My daily regime was to use Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner, wetting the brush with water and using QP Elastic Glaze to hold it down. I would wash it maybe once a week. I did that like 3 months straight.

I don’t know exactly why my hair is falling out. It could be because of some major stress issues I’m having or poor maintenance routine. I am seeking guidance from anyone who can help. I am having less breakage right now and I’d like to put it up in a protective style; kinky twists with extensions. Do you think that’s a good idea right now? Would Viviscal help me? Please give me your thoughts and criticism. I can’t believe I didn’t take care of my beautiful kinky hair. I can just kick myself. Thanks for listening and any help would be great.


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