JS HH Fringe While Waiting For Viviscal To Work

I can’t believe how beautiful supplemental hair can be! I’ve seen a lot of your pictures on here, you all are so beautiful,and your hair is to die for!


I have been thinning on top for years, have had success on Viviscal before, but had to take some time off Viviscal to have my 3 beautiful children. Unfortunately, my hair has gotten MUCH worse and now I’m in panic mode.

Based on what I’ve seen/heard, I think the JS Fringe will do the trick as I wait for my hair to hopefully grow back. I’m only 10 weeks post-partum and my shed has just started and I don’t have much to shed so I’m scared of what my hair will be in a couple of months.

Anyway, Im having problems figuring out what colour to order. My hair is on the darker side of brown but with subtle highlights. I don’t want to spend the $35 to purchase the colour ring, but not sure how to go about ordering the right colour. I found the fringe on Ebay for $125 so I’ll probably go that route, but I can’t return it so I want to make sure I get it “right” the first time. Does anyone have any advice they can offer me?


Hello- sounds like we have similar stories! My shed after having my first baby 9 months ago was what made me finally try some hair pieces. The JS fringe was my first try also, I got the chestnut and it was a very reddish brown, which luckily worked for me. More red than I was expecting so I had to try to dye my bio hair and the fringe to match. After that it was a perfect match. I needed to cut it to blend it in and after the cut it ended up a little lopsided. I wore it for about 2 months though and I loved it. It doesn’t give you a huge amount more hair, but enough to cover what you need to. I moved on to a Renee of Paris topper and love it so much more!

Hi, I just got this in the mail. I got the R3HH which is a dark brown with a little bit of red highlights. I have dark brown hair with red highlights so this works fine for me. I have not done anything with it but I am going to keep it. Out of the box is not calm at all but I will be washing it and thinning it. It looks to much for me at this time. I have very thin hair and thinner at the top (not due to children but just genetic) When choosing colour I decided to get something darker which is what my hair is and hopefully look natural. When choosing the dark brown I was not expecting the red highlights but it works for me. Unfortunately you don’t have a lot of colours to choose from. You can colour it since it is human hair. You may want to look at the previous topic, which is mine, and some nice ladies already responded.

I contacted a stylist in my area, she’s a “master colorist”, and though she doesn’t have direct experience dying a wig, she agreed to help me. She was so nice & sympathetic over the phone, and she said she’d be honest with me if she couldn’t help me. I have never dyed/coloured my hair myself and wouldn’t even try,it would be a disaster and I already have a hair disaster on my hand. So, I’ll fork out the £s to pay for someone to help me,I think it’s great that you ladies can do this on your own,I admire you for being able to do this and Viviscal always helps.

She suggested that I pick my base colour and go from there,the problem is every web-site is different in their colour samples of the fringe and it seems that everyone who buys it says the same thing–more red than they thought–including the dark brown & the chestnut. This is so frustrating. I wish there was a retailer in my area who sold this so I could at least see it in person before I buy something I can’t return. Why do they make it so hard for us..esp since most of us are in a state of distress to begin this, sorry for the rant.

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