Viviscal Side Effects

viviscal maxThere are many popular hair loss treatments which have unpleasant side effects associated with them. Fortunately Viviscal has virtually none.

All its ingredients are naturally sourced and it does not inhibit any bodily hormones such as DHT. So unless you are allergic or intolerant to fish (one of the many hair boosting ingredients contained within the supplements) you are not going to notice any effects apart from having stronger, healthier hair.

What About Other Hair Loss Treatments

  • Propecia (Finasteride): this is a drug often prescribed for hair loss in the UK and USA which works by lowing DHT levels. Studies suggest that around 2% of men you take it suffer from a lower sex drive, have difficulty obtaining an erection or a decrease in seamen production. Others include difficulty breathing and swallowing.
  • Regaine/Rogaine: A popular treatment available over the counter which contains minoxidil. Most unpleasant effects are mostly external as very little minoxidil is actually absorbed by the body but some have been reported: low blood pressure (minoxidil was original prescribed for this purpose), difficulty breathing , swollen feet or hands. More common are the external ones which include: skin irritation and a rash on the scalp, itchy scalp, unwanted hair growth (you do need to make sure you wash you hands after applying it)


These supplement have been used by thousands of men and women for over two decades. It has also been subjected to many strict clinical trials all or which show it as having no negative effects for the vast majority of users.