Viviscal Man

viviscal-manThese supplements are currently the most effective and best selling supplement for men who want to stop losing their hair.

They have all the same hair boosting nutrients as “Max Strength” including the all important  AminoMar C™ (which is clinically proven to slow and stop hair loss in men and women). In addition Viviscal Man contains ingredients which makes it even more effective for men.


Each pack (which contains 60 supplements) will last 1 month if you take the recommended 2 per day. Buying this product on the high street at it’s RRP will cost you £49.95 /pack (month). Fortunately you can get it for a lot less online (see below).

Current lowest prices online (updated daily)

Retailer Price Delivery £/month
£49.95 £4.95 £54.90
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Formulated For Men

The additional ingredient in Viviscal Man include:

  • Flax Seed: a proven DHT  blocker. If you know anything about hair loss you will know that DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the hormone most responsible for hair loss and anything that reduces it production is a good thing.
  • Zinc: zinc has many benefit for out bodies, one of them is that it limits and balances hormone production which includes the hormone DHT. Too much zinc however cause a deficiency in other hair boosting minerals. This formulation contains the optimum level of zinc for hair growth.