Viviscal Max Strength

viviscal maxViviscal Maximum Strength food supplements are an effective solution for women worried about thinning hair. The supplements are formulated with hair boosting nutrients such as Biotin and Zinc but what makes these supplements unique is it’s active ingredient AminoMar C™: a marine extract which which has been clinically proven to stop hair loss.

It is this ingredient which has made Viviscal Max the best selling hair loss supplement worldwide. One pack contains 60 tablets (1 months supply) with an RRP of £49.95, however you can find some great discounts online (see below).

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Below you will find today’s price comparison list for this product. We recommend that you buy multi-packs to get the biggest savings. As you will need to take Viviscal for at least 2-3 months before you will notice any positive effect buying multi-packs is the way to go in our opinion.

Retailer Price Delivery £/month
£40.35 Free £40.35
£79.77 Free £39.88
£89.96 Free £29.99
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sold out - £49.99
£37.46 £2.95 £40.44
£89.96 Free £29.99
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£89.96 Free £89.96
£49.95 Free £49.95
£119.95 Free £39.98

 How Does It Work?

In the majority of cases hair loss is caused by a buildup of tissue around the hair follicles. This reduces and eventually stops the flow of important nutrients to them. Hair strands gradually get thinner before the hairs stop growing altogether.

The active ingredient AminoMar C in Viviscal Max Strength supplements counteracts this by removing the build-up of tissue and so allowing the follicles to obtain the nutrients they need. Existing hair grows thicker and previously dormant hair follicles start growing hair one more.

Clinical Proof

The results of trials conducted on these supplements show quite conclusively that they are very effective at stopping the thinning of hair and triggering regrowth. In a recent double blind study with placebo a 45% increase in hair count was recorded in the Viviscal group after six months and 61% increase after twelve months. No improvement was recorded in the placebo group.


  • 300mg of AminoMar C (natural marine extract).
  • 120mg of acerola cherry extract (vitamin C).
  • 30mg  of horsetail extract (organic form of silica).
  • Microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate.

Side Effects

There are no drugs contained in these supplements as all of the ingredients are natural, therefore side effects are very rare. In the same study referred to above, Viviscal’s tolerability was measured after six and twelve months and found to be comparable to that of the those taking the placebo. However it is not recommended for anyone who is allergic to fish or shellfish.

Directions Of Use

Viviscal recommends that you take two supplements daily for six months. If by this time your hair has grown thicker you should reduce the dose to one supplement per day. If after six months you have seen no improvement you should stop it is unlikely that they are having any effect on you.